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As this concept is discussed at length in the ennoblement age section of world history, I am not going to cover the concept again. I am, however, going to discuss what it means to the employees of the world and the corporations they serve. It is important because ennoblement is at odds with corporatism. They are two very different models trying to coexist in the same world. Just as the bipolar world that characterized the Cold War between the USA and USSR in the latter half of the 20th century, there is plenty of friction between the two.





Corporatism is an attempt to negate, or at least minimize, classes in a society. Although there is a built-in bias between employees and executives, as well as executives in the parent and subsidiary corporations, it is taught from an early age that everyone plays for the same team. It is not unlike the rivalry between branches of service in the military ― everyone picks on the air force, but come wartime, everyone knows who the enemy is and they all rely on each other to defeat them. There is still a certain degree of a class system that has emerged on corporatism, but it is more a perception of the populace rather than something codified by the corporations themselves.


Following their creation as an elite subset of the global population, the patricians went in the opposite direction. Not content with being the richest 3% in the population, they felt the need to further divide themselves into groups that better reflects their standing within the elite. Thus, the primas, gentez majorez and gentez minorez were born. Sometimes divisions make sense in the world. Other times, they don’t. This is the latter.


The rift that has formed between the three groups widens and deepens every day. There is no longer a healthy rivalry between them ― what is fermenting in 2088 is a growing hatred that Liberteum takes full advantage of as the Black Swan Saga unfolds.


The corporate relationship with the elite has grown more contentious in the years since the collapse. When companies were working to restore order in the world, they worked closely with their wealthy partners. It was a symbiotic relationship. The billionaires of the time used their massive (and illegal) stores of gold to help corporations restart the global economy, and in turn that economy would be designed to enrich them. Several generations removed from that time, the relationship has soured as patricians act more entitled and corporations are no longer reliant on their money to fund expansion.


Remember, the stock exchanges of old were designed as a means by which corporations could raise capital. In this new reality, Intercorpex exists for the sole reason of compensating the families of patricians for their past support and continue to enrich them for the future. As such, and despite more formal ties to large shareholders, there is a growing contempt in the ranks of corporate executives for their meddling. Once again, the politics played between these two groups will be exploited by those looking to bring the system to its knees.